Tuesday, September 4, 2007


I've been putting together some notes in Word.

I'm reading currently Roxanne's, Dr. Reynolds', Kathleen's, Christa's, and Deb Martin's dissertations. Help to see what's worked successfully in the past to get an idea of what will be expected from me. I've also been reading the few dissertations that are sort of related to my topic online--a couple dissertations on Identification but nothing specifically on Burke, disability, and autism. Nothing on autism in the Humanities. (I need to have a list of those dissertations' topics for the defense, if that should come up.)

I've also been researching articles and sources in the databases. There's some really creepy stuff on the web about Autism and the Bible.

And, I've been reading on qualitative methodologies. Foss's metaphorical criticism. ILL'ed some books on media and methodology, film and methodology.

My proposal will go out to the committee members in the next couple days, and the defense will follow in the next couple weeks--fingers crossed that it will go well.