Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Letter to High School English Teachers...

As my students start writing their first paper in my Comp I course, I have had many conversations w/ students this week on the differences between the writing they have done in high school and the writing I expect from them in college.  Some students seem to embrace the freedom that comes with using "I," "you," more than 5 paragraphs, and "In this paper, I will discuss..." in their papers.   Others seem indifferent and have just rolled w/ it.  And, one student stormed out angry yesterday.

My conversations w/ students is much like the conversation happening online on the WPA list serv.  I found this exchange between a high school teacher and college department chair to be especially interesting.  In the interest of furthering the conversation about student writing, student needs, and professional development, I'm posting it here, too.

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