Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Emanuel, Palin, and the "R" Word

What is just as offensive as Rahm Emanuel's use of the word "retarded" to describe Conservative ads against health care reform?  Sarah Palin exploiting the situation to get herself back in the spotlight by insisting that he should resign. 

Emanuel reminds me of the student who says something off the cuff without malice intent.  Palin, on the other hand, is completely exploiting the "I have a child w/ special needs" to further her own political celebrity.  [Groan]

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Dr. Donna Souder said...

Oh, Rochelle! I couldn't agree more! While Emanuel's comments were shameful, the follow-up from Palin was simply appalling. Most people have been guilty, at one time or another, of saying something they instantly wish they could take back.

And, since (sad as it is) the words "retarded" and even "gay" have become so misused in the 21st century, I think that (as rhetoricians, scholars -- TEACHERS) we have to remember that, for many people who throw these words around without care, they don't even have the same meanings they do to you and me. Now, that doesn't mean that we should sit back and let it happen, but it does mean educate -- and when people like Palin jump (piranha style) into the mix, the teachable moment (even for Emanuel) is lost.

I think this lamentable situation might start some meaningful classroom moments for some of us?